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Access Form Maasvlakte 2

In connection with the ISPS, every visitor (and/or seagoing vessel) arriving at the Sif terminal is required to familiarize themselves with our house rules and register using the following form 24 hours in advance.

A number of rules concerning health, safety and the environment apply on the premises of Sif Netherlands. As a visitor, you are expected to familiarize yourself with these rules and follow them.

  • Before completing the form, you must first have watched the safety video. After viewing you will receive a proof of participation.
  • You will be given a visitor’s badge which you must wear in clear view during your visit and which must be returned to the gatekeeper on your departure.
  • Every person who wishes to enter the site must show an official ID (a valid Passport, valid ID-card or valid driving licence) at the reception desk. For foreign visitors a valid Passport or valid ID-card is compulsory. Without one of the above valid documents site access cannot be given.
  • You must report to the security desk before you enter the site.
  • Security has the right to inspect visitors and vehicles. Follow instructions when badge is set for inspection (red indicator at badge reader)
  • Reversed parking is mandatory in the designated parking areas.
  • You must report to the reception desk of the office building or your contact at Sif.
  • Accessing the Sif site is only permitted under the supervision of a Sif employee or an authorized person.
  • You will not get access if you are younger than 18 years old.
  • Badges are personal and need to be in your possession at all times while at the site.
  • Sif has the right to take alcohol and drugs test at site or at the gate.
  • Dutch traffic regulations apply on the entire premises. The maximum speed is:
  1. 30 kph on the main road.
  2. 15 kph on the work site.
  3. 5 kph inside the halls.

During a visit to our production and storage facilities you are required to wear the following personal protective equipment (PPE). If you are not in possession of this PPE, or don’t have access to it, Sif can provide a limited number of these items. For our production and storage facilities in Rotterdam Maasvlakte 2 the following applies:

  • Covering (work) clothing.
  • Safety glasses.
  • Safety shoes.
  • Safety helmet.
  • Hearing protection (only applicable in the halls).
  • High-visibility vest.
  • Life jacket (within two metres of the quayside).
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Photos may not be taken or other recordings made without permission.
Read our terms and conditions here.

To make video and sound recordings:
Please contact our Communication department:
You can contact them at

For press enquiries:
Please contact Investor Relations:
Fons van Lith,

Access form Maasvlakte 2

You have to fill in a contact person who will be informed about your application. We can only grant you access to the Sif site after approval from this person.