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Herman Goverse TK RGB 04

Herman Goverse, Plant Manager

‘A fine example of design and craftsmanship.’

Sif is increasingly being permitted to participate in the design phase of projects. Triton Knoll is a good example. Plant Manager Herman Goverse explains, ‘By using our practical expertise and experience in the design, we can create added value for our clients. Sif has more than 2,000 monopiles to its name. We understand the powerful dynamic between sea, wind, and seabed and we know the properties of our steel inside out. We also know exactly how to make a monopile and a transition piece. This expertise can mean the difference in quality, planning, and budget.’

Design and build

In the design phase of the Triton Knoll project, we consulted with production, planning, coating, suppliers, and installers and took aspects such as changeover times, steel and flange specifications, and critical welding into account in the design. This extra time and attention in the design yields a great many benefits and savings, such as a smooth start and throughput time during production, sizeable savings in the weight of the foundation, a straightforward interface between the turbine and foundation, and a shorter installation time.’

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