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Roel Corstjens

'We encourage quality and craftsmanship in every role.’

There's no better feeling than producing a good finished product and seeing a happy client. That's why we do what we do! The Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/QC) team keeps a close eye on everything, from the first drawing to the tender, final inspection, and delivery, to guarantee this exceptional quality. Roel Corstjens is QA/QC Manager.

‘The client wants a verified product,’ explains Roel. ‘That starts with the proposal, where we check the client specifications. We then turn these demands into procedures that are picked up by other departments, such as Engineering. A lot of technical questions and information are shared, and we continue to consult with the client and the testing bodies to ensure that we meet all the requirements.'

Sif has grown tremendously over recent years. The products have become more complex, and the production speed has increased. These changes demand that our department becomes more involved in operations. For example, our controls take place much earlier in the process now, and there is also more work put into contract management, which is the very first step. This way, we can ensure that clear agreements are made, so that Sif and the client are informed and know what to expect at every step in the process.’

‘We strive for “first time right” through craftsmanship. ‘You can't learn to weld and roll from a book, so it's important to recognize and appreciate good craftsmanship in the production halls as well as in the organization and supporting structures that uphold it. People need to ask themselves: do you understand your trade? Are you the owner of your work and the quality that you deliver? Can you work even more accurately? We encourage craftsmanship through mentorships, exchange programmes, and training. Continuous improvement, that’s what we do at Sif.’

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