People at Sif

Claire den Hertog

‘After completing my degree in Civil Engineering in Arnhem, I was looking for a job at a company where I would be able to develop myself. These days, the demand for engineers is high, making it possible to find a job that really suits you.

New solutions in a professional chain. Our profession is very much in development. Both the demand for wind turbines and their scope are increasing with every year that passes, and that has an impact that sends ripples through the chain. It all starts with strong foundations that require as little maintenance as possible and weigh as little as possible.


At sea, everything is different; that’s something I have become very aware of since becoming a Commercial Manager for Offshore Steel Structures at Sif. The legs, piles, and pile sleeves that we supply for the jackets for production platforms and distribution stations need to satisfy the most stringent of requirements. And that’s a good thing. After all, when it comes to safety, there can be no compromises.


I’m not one for self-congratulation, but every time I drive into Rotterdam, I feel an enormous sense of pride. A year and a half ago, we completed the construction of our half-kilometre-long Sif terminal, a 400-metre-long deep-sea wharf, the largest on the Maasvlakte.