Patricia writes in her blog - ‘The sea and her salty waves really test the foundations of our wind farms and oil platforms. That is why our products have to meet the highest standards and requirements. To guarantee the minimum service life of our monopiles, we incorporate measures to protect against corrosion, such as the application of strong coatings which act as a barrier against water and oxygen to impede rust formation.

Coating is becoming an increasingly important part of the process as a result of the international requirements applicable to our products constantly being tightened. I have been working as a coating engineer at the Maasvlakte location since August 2018, and I make sure that our coatings are perfect. As I am sure you understand, this is a challenging task. I supervise the tests and inspections together with the client and supplier, make sure all involved parties know what is expected of them, and check the paperwork. I try to make people aware of the risks and insist that everyone does what is expected of them. After all, if something were to go wrong, the impact would be huge. Of course, that applies to everything Sif does. Working together, both internally and with clients and business partners, and ensuring that each of us brings out the best in the others is what takes us further. I am proud of the high quality we deliver as well as the innovations that we keep implementing. The markets are always in motion, and so are we.’

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Patricia Carvalho is a coating engineer working for Sif.