At our locations at Maasvlakte 2, in the Port of Rotterdam, over 1,000 transport shipments take place every year to move our heavy monopiles (each weighing around 2,000 tons) and piles for oil and gas. With its 400-metre-wide deep-sea quay and favourable location near the North Sea estuary, our terminal is very suitable as a logistics distribution point for third parties. In recent months, we have been providing more and more logistics services for various projects.

Having a deep-sea quay means we can really make a difference in this region: there isn't a lot of quay space, especially for large and heavy ships. Sailing more inland with large weights takes more time and involves some big risks. At Maasvlakte, Sif has the space for storage (62 hectares!), the knowledge and equipment for heavy transport (heavy lift specialists, multi-wheelers, crawler cranes), and experience with the port authorities. Whether it concerns strategic stock management, assembly activities, storage, or transshipment: our logistic services literally and figuratively give customers the space they need and can accelerate a project's lead time. As a logistics hub, we want to contribute to a broad development of energy projects in the North Sea, the Atlantic Ocean, and out toward Asia in order to boost the growing competitiveness of clean energy.

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Below are some of the projects for which we provided logistics support last year:

  • Decommissioning Bokalift 1 – one of the world's largest installation vessels – for the East Anglia Project. The Sif team provides quay assistance, engineering, and crane work.
  • Commissioning Boka da Vinci, an offshore supply ship. The Sif team provides quay assistance, engineering, and logistics support.
  • Facilitating mooring and quay assistance for Ham 318, a dredger measuring more than 200 metres. This ship can only moor at Sif in Rotterdam, due to its strategic location in Maasvlakte 2.
  • Storage and transshipment of foundations for Borssele 1 and 2. We assist Deme Offshore with a wide range of services as part of a turnkey solution, enabling them to install the project very quickly at sea.
  • Unloading, transport, and construction of the GE Haliade X, the world's largest wind turbine built at our Maasvlakte 2 site by Future Wind (a collaboration between Pondora development and SIF Holding Nederland).
  • Storage and transshipment of three 3,000-ton lock gates from South Korea for consortium OpenIJ.

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