Registration for visit to Sif terminal Maasvlakte 2

In connection with the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS), every visitor (and/or seagoing vessel) arriving at the Sif terminal is required to familiarize themselves with our house rules and register using the following form 24 hours in advance:

As a precaution and protection of our employees, we will have our temporary workers, subcontractors and suppliers who visit us sign a form stating that they:

- have had no physical contact with someone who is a suspected corona or has a proven corona infection in the past 14 days;

- have not been in risk areas and;

- have no complaints such as shortness of breath, cold, cough and / or fever.

If visitors declare that they cannot meet the above conditions, we cannot grant access to that person.

If a driver does not meet the above conditions and unloading is required:

- We refer the driver to the unloading place and request that he remain in the bus or truck;

- After being provided with a mask and gloves, a Sif transport employee will take the documents (eg delivery note) from the bus or truck and unload the cargo;

- After unloading the load, the driver can leave.

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House rules Sif Maasvlakte 2

Welcome to Sif Netherlands.

There are a number of important rules at the Sif Netherlands site:

  1. Visitors are only granted access to the premises after completing the online access form, including approval from a Sif contact.
  2. Before entering our site you must report to security and identify yourself with a valid ID.
  3. After identification you will receive a visitor's badge that you must wear. It must be returned to security prior on departure.
  4. Dutch traffic regulations apply on the entire premises. The speed limit is 5 km/h inside the buildings, 15 km/h at the work site and 30 km/h on the main road.
  5. Parking is only permitted in the designated parking spaces.
  6. Visitors must first report to the reception desk in the office building. Entering the Sif site is only permitted under the supervision of a Sif employee.
  7. During a visit to our production buildings you are required to wear the following personal protective equipment (PPE):
    • Safety shoes
    • Safety glasses
    • Safety helmet
    • Hearing protection (indoors)
    • High visibility safety vest

    You must return any borrowed PPE on departure.

  8. A floatation vest is required within 2 metres of the quay.
  9. Smoking is prohibited indoors. Smoking outside is permitted unless it causes hindrance or nuisance. Covered smoking facilities are available.
  10. Use, possession, or being under the influence of alcohol or drugs is prohibited.
  11. Waste must be separated; use the appropriate waste bins.
  12. Security has the right to search visitors and vehicles.
  13. Photos may not be taken without permission. Read our terms and conditions here.
You need to agree to the house rules to be allowed access to Maasvlakte 2
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