Wind foundations



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02 Sif illustraties Supplied by Sif 01 Sif windmill monopile


Sif was established in 1948 originating in Roermond the Netherlands. Ever since, has Sif been producing the foundations of wind farms and oil& gas platforms, and grew to become one of world’s biggest manufactures. Sif has produced over 1700 foundation pieces in it’s over 70 years of history.

Through commitment to continues development in engineering, manufacturing techniques, and process optimizing, Sif is able to produce XL monopiles up to a diameter of 11 meters, and to continuously challenging of the cost reduction of energy.   

You can download our company presentation here.


In the ever-evolving offshore industry a constant innovation and a clear vision are key crucial. Sif will continue to take on this challenge to stay the reliable partner that we are.