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Offshore Energy Amsterdam international trade fair 22-24 October 2018

A mature wind market: what's next?

Building the future of wind energy is a joint effort. The Offshore Energy international trade fair is the perfect place to discuss this and link ideas. Commercial Director Michel Kurstjens and Peter Coppens, Manager New Business of Sif Netherlands b.v., share four topics with us that they love to debate!

Unsubsidized wind farms

‘First of all, we are seeing an increase in tenders won with little or no subsidy,’ states Michel Kurstjens. ‘This means that the price pressure increases, but it is also a sign that our market is becoming more mature. And that is great news. This also increases the importance of immediately considering the manufacturability during the design process. Sif now also consults with the client at an early stage, so that we have the opportunity to connect theory to practice (e.g. ‘can we reach it with a welding gun?’) and design cost-efficient solutions that also meet the highest standards.’

Big, bigger, biggest

‘As a result of this shift, it is also interesting to see how the next generation of wind turbines will look,’ adds Michel. ‘Can we continue to upscale, and what are the limits of manufacturability? When we announced our expansion on Maasvlakte 2 a few years ago, there was no demand for monopiles with a diameter of 11 metres. That demand now exists and we are ready to cater to it! But what is the next step? Will monopiles become even bigger and heavier? We still have capacity for expansion at Maasvlakte 2, but it might be that the needs of the market lie elsewhere.’

Floating platforms

‘Floating foundations is another opportunity that we'd like to explore at the trade fair,’ says Peter Coppens who joined Sif in July this year following a career in tidal energy. ‘There are currently several pilots with floating foundations and it would be interesting to see if Sif can make a contribution to this new development by seeing what the hurdles are and what we can add to further give shape to the technology needed.’

Beyond the North Sea

Is the mature European market for wind energy ready to spread its wings and head for foreign shores? Sif certainly thinks so and is orienting itself in investments in Asia and America. ‘An important condition for this is finding a stable, local partner,’ explains Michel. ‘We're not interested in a quick win, but are looking for a long-term investment in which we can apply the knowledge and experience which we have gained in the past 20 years.’ ‘We are curious to find out which parties are also exploring these topics and how we can work together to further develop them,’ concludes Peter.

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Shaping Tomorrow. Performing Today.

As a trusted supplier of foundations for offshore wind farms, we can make a significant contribution to the energy transition and show our commitment to making our planet a better place.

Shaping product development

Our investment in Maasvlakte 2 (port of Rotterdam) was made at the right time. Sif’s assembly facility enables us to produce XL monopiles with 11 metres diameter, 120 meter length and 2,000 ton weight, coated in compliance with the highest standards.