Shaping tomorrow.

We think beyond today's projects. By considering tomorrow and keeping a close eye on market developments, we adapt to the changing needs of market participants. We use our knowledge, experience, and inventiveness for product development and innovation. This is how we actively help shaping the future of offshore wind energy.

Performing today.

Sif is leading in offshore foundations and delivers quality on time, safely and within the agreed budget. We make good on this promise because of our critical approach to the preliminary stage. Our dedicated specialists optimize each project on design, feasibility, coating and logistics. We want to ensure our production and the installation processes are efficient and cost optimal by working closely with our clients.

Offshore wind foundation

The offshore wind energy market is maturing steadily. This is marked not only by ongoing trends and developments, but also by the growing number of wind farms being tendered without subsidies. In this context we investigate and test designs. Turbine capacity has continued to increase and the next-generation turbine designs for capacities in the range of 15MW are already on the drawing board. These developments are emerging in rapid succession and can only occur successfully and safely if the entire supply chain participates whilst diligently assessing the consequences of new regulations in terms of both technology and cost. If the capacity of transport and installation vessels need to be increased and foundations are becoming larger and more complex, in order to bear increasing weights and different eigenfrequencies, it is essential not to lose sight of the total integrated costs as a result of these industry trends.

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