Ben Arntz (27) and Nick Noordam (27) from GBM Works won the Philips Innovation Award on May 8th. These young men developed a method to install wind turbines almost noiseless at sea. Sif stimulates innovation in offshore wind and helps these thinkers with a passion for technology.

Their idea is really new. The piling process is still involves a lot of noise nuisance for the sea creatures, they have developed a silent machine that takes ground at the bottom of the foundation. This has two advantages: it is makes hardly any noise and the installation process is accelerated: according to the Energy Center, installing will be 25% faster. And that generates a considerable saving on the total cost of the process.

A first prototype is in development at GBM Works and will be driven into the ground at Sif’s Maasvlakte 2 site in August 2017. Based on the results of the prototype, a fully scaled test model will be made, including a monopile, in collaboration with Sif.

Prior to this test we share knowledge, we are looking for valuable partners and we support Ben and Nick with the necessary funding for implementing the winning idea.