In October 2015, E.ON completed the construction and installation of its offshore wind farm Amrumbank West. Located 40 kilometres off the island of Heligoland, the wind farm is one of the largest in the German North Sea with 80 wind turbines and a capacity of 288 megawatts.

Headquartered in the Dutch city of Roermond, the company Sif produced and supplied the eighty monopiles and transition pieces. The first monopile was installed in January 2014.


Schedule and installation

The production of the monopiles proceeded according to plan. This was also the case for the transition pieces, which were manufactured by Smulders in Hoboken, Belgium. Following this, monopiles from the Dutch city of Vlissingen were shipped in batches of two and transition pieces from Hoboken in batches of six to Cuxhaven, Germany, and stored in a base port specially designed by Sif.


.be">Click on this link to view the 360º video of a helicopter flight over Amrumbank.