The first segments for the BLUE Hammer by Fistuca BV, which Sif is manufacturing in collaboration with Huisman, are ready at Maasvlakte 2. The hammer will be the world's largest pile-driver hammer, being specially designed to drive the largest monopiles in the world.

BLUE Piling Technology is an alternative to current pile-driving technology that uses hydraulic rams. BLUE uses a gas mixture that is combusted to propel a column of water upwards. The column of water pushes the pole down as it shoots up and drives the monopile further into the sea floor as it falls back down. The pile-driving technology produces much lower noise levels than conventional pile-driving and also minimizes fatigue to the foundation.

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The project will result in a direct reduction to the costs of installing wind turbines.

sif Hammer primary steel 3 IMG 8868