The European demand for more offshore wind energy continues unabated.

Serial production of monopiles up to 7.8 meters

In the future, the length and the diameters of the monopiles will continue to increase because wind farms will be located further out at sea, in deeper water and with more powerful turbines. Sif Group has anticipated this at an early stage by expanding its existing production capacity. Serial production of monopiles up to 7.8 meters in diameter started in Roermond in April 2014. But this is not all.

Serial production of monopiles up to 11 meters

Market developments indicate that in the future even more powerful turbines (8MW) will be located in deeper water. In anticipation of this, the Sif Group plans to further increase its production capacity. By the end of 2015, serial production capabilities at Sif will be targeted for production of monopiles with diameters up to 11 meters. Thanks to continuous investments, Sif continues to offer solutions that satisfy customer demand.

One-offs with a diameter of 12 meters

Because it continuously enhances its production facilities, Sif can react quickly to changing market conditions for offshore foundations both now and in the future.

Even today Sif can produce monopiles up to 12 meters in diameter as one-offs. Such size may be of interest to designers working on next-generation wind turbines. As demand increases for such super-size monopiles, Sif will adjust its serial production capabilities to provide a cost-efficient solution to its customers.

sif group expanding monopile production capacities