Compliments to all employees

This year MT Management Team, the leading Dutch magazine for owners, directors and managers, has a new list-topper in their Manufacturing Industry 100, the ranking of the 100 best companies in the manufacturing industry.

Thanks to the company's performance, Sif can claim to be the new number one. CEO Jan Bruggenthijs, clearly proud of the achievement, says, ‘There are truly impressive companies in the list. Our first place finish this year is a real compliment to all our employees.’

Success never just lands on your doorstep

Sif Group's newly achieved top ranking in the top 100 did not fall into their lap. Over the next few years approximately €20 million will be invested in new production machines and operational changes in Roermond. In addition, an expansion at Maasvlakte 2 in Rotterdam valued at a further €45 million is in the pipeline. The most modern assembly plant in Europe will rise there, for sections weighing 2,000 tonnes each, with diameters of up to 11 metres and lengths reaching 120 metres. A coating facility for monopiles will also be added. What makes this truly unique is that it will also be possible to apply a protective coating to the huge sections, completely in-house and all at one time. Lastly, a storage and transshipment site will be constructed in Rotterdam, close to Sif's offshore industry customers.

Focus on employees

Sif was founded in 1948 and has always sought to develop relationships that will stand the test of time – both with customers and with employees. Last week the company bid farewell to a 69-year-old receptionist who had worked for the company for more than 30 years. And of the 300 flex workers from Germany, Poland and Portugal, at least 100 have already been with the company for more than ten years. The secret? Genuine interest in employees. Substantial sums are invested in training, and the company actively supports those who want to grow in their career. Sif really show their personnel how much they are valued, so during peak periods it is not unusual for many employees to give even more without being asked.

Innovative drive is key to future success

Sif has tremendous innovative momentum. This is absolutely essential, too, because by 2023 wind turbines on the North Sea will have to supply power to around five million Dutch households – and Sif wants to be an important player in this development. The completion of the new facilities in Roermond and Rotterdam, in early 2017, will be an important milestone in that pursuit. In addition, the company is continuously looking for ways to make the manufacturing process more efficient and more sustainable. The production process is quite energy intensive, for example, so the company is looking into whether it may be possible to reduce the amount of welding. Another idea under consideration is whether there might be a different material or coating that could be used to make products last longer, which would benefit customers by extending the service life of their installations. Minimization of material consumption is also an important focus area. This is why the preparation work, such as cutting the steel plates to size, all takes place at the steel supplier. That considerably reduces transportation costs and allows the excess steel to be reused directly.