After a successful first Talking Dinner in Hamburg, Sif once again acted as host for the second edition, which was organized on the 10th of October in Amsterdam with the discussion topic 'Floating Wind from Holland: Are the Dutch losing out on floating wind?’.

At the beginning of the evening, people questioned whether Floating Wind formed a significant market for the North Sea region. The concept is currently too heavy and expensive for current turbines. But a consensus was soon reached when the question whether the Netherlands would succeed in producing floating wind turbines was raised later in the evening: the vast majority were in no doubt that the Netherlands has all the knowledge and expertise it requires – engineering, design, consulting, installation technology, mooring & anchoring technology – to make Floating Wind a success. We have the seaports, the logistic resources and the expertise needed to build it. This was all the confirmation we needed that Floating Wind will become part of Sif's future.

The question, then, is not whether Floating Wind has a future, but where and when.

Sif can look back on an informative evening in which valuable insights were shared in a pleasant atmosphere.