Sif Group is leading in offshore foundations for Wind projects and the Oil & Gas market. With an eye to the positive future of its markets, Roermond-based Sif Group has decided to expand. Again.

But this time we have made the decision to expand closer to your and our core-business. We will build a new plant with direct access to the North Sea.

Watch the movie and see our exact location

sif expanding video

Why Rotterdam?

Rotterdam has one of the best harbours for offshore wind. There are no restrictions in height or depth for the biggest of all installation vessels and seagoing barges, now and in the future. This is important for Sif because monopiles will continue to increase in diameter, length and weight.

Sif Roermond & Rotterdam

The majority of the production facilities and the headquarters of Sif Group will remain in Roermond.

In Rotterdam, an assembly hall and a coating hall will be built at Maasvlakte 2. In addition, a storage and logistical hub covering approximately 40 hectares will be constructed by Sif, making direct loading of the company's offshore client vessels possible. This facility is planned to be fully operational early 2017.

Persbericht Sif Verbrugge 30062015

Download the official press release from the Port of Rotterdam.  
Download the official press release from the Sif Group.

More information about our production capacity in Rotterdam will be available soon. We will keep you posted.