Sif news

To us, Sif is the initialization for Schmeitz Industriële Fabrikage. During the Hamburg WindEnergy expo we spoke with the proud father of a girl named Sif who told us the name is quite common in Scandinavian countries. 

On 4 September 2016, the first sections for monopiles arrived at the new Sif assembly facility in Rotterdam.

Compliments to all employees

This year MT Management Team, the leading Dutch magazine for owners, directors and managers, has a new list-topper in their Manufacturing Industry 100, the ranking of the 100 best companies in the manufacturing industry.

In connection with the Dudgeon project, Sif took a Norwegian delegation from Statoil on a visit to the regent’s room and to see the carillon in Roermond's city hall.

Sif shows how the production of long steel pipes for offshore oil and gas market works.

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