In February 2015 Port of Rotterdam and Sif Group met during an exhibition in Hamburg. In June of that year the two parties signed a contract for the construction of the 500 meter long assembly- and the 120 meter long coatinghall from Sif.

In December 2013, Dong launched the Race Bank wind farm project off the eastern coast of England.

Entirely according to schedule, last month saw the installation and commissioning of the first three Siemens 6-MW turbines in Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm, which are now providing electricity to almost 6,000 UK households. 

A growing world population and expanding economic activities are putting pressure on our ecosystem. The offshore industry has taken up the responsibility and has united in a collaborative effort: Our Oceans Challenge (OOC). As a partner of OOC Sif believes balancing ocean protection with the responsible use and exploitation of ocean space and resources is an opportunity. 

Sato Tekko from Japan and Sif Group will jointly participate in the Tokyo Wind Exhibition that is scheduled for 1- 3 March 2017. Both companies will jointly manage a booth to present their cooperation to the offshore wind audience at the exhibition.

Piles of 13.500 Metric tons of high grade steel in length of 78 meter with a solid wall thickness of 105 mm!
Total Sif contribution to the Culzean field is over 25.000 Metric tons.
Watch the impressive video about the Culzean development.