The first load-out of four MPs and four TPs for the Rentel wind farm was scheduled for Wednesday 19 July, but the operation was postponed due to the bad weather forecast. The Innovation vessel was eventually loaded on 20 July and departed the same day. Today, on 25 July, Innovation is expected to moor at the deep-sea quay near Sif's premises, where it will be loaded with three MPs and three TPs.

Sif signed another contract: production of all monopiles and transition pieces, in a joint venture with Smulders, for EnBW's Albatros Windfarm. In total the project covers app. 25 Kton. Sif will produce the monopiles and the primary steel and Smulders will be responsible for the secondary steel and outfitting the pransition pieces.

Sif will produce the monopiles and transition pieces for the Trianel Windpark Borkum II wind farm project in joint venture with Smulders. Together comprising approximately 32 Ktons, during the first half of 2018. This will bring Sif´s orderbook for 2018 to 129 Ktons. Sif will produce monopiles and the primary steel for the transition pieces whereby Smulders will be responsible for the secondary steel and outfitting of the transition pieces.

Ben Arntz (27) and Nick Noordam (27) from GBM Works won the Philips Innovation Award on May 8th. These young men developed a method to install wind turbines almost noiseless at sea. Sif stimulates innovation in offshore wind and helps these thinkers with a passion for technology.

Load-out of piles for Oseberg on behalf of Heerema Fabrication Group.

In February 2015 Port of Rotterdam and Sif Group met during an exhibition in Hamburg. In June of that year the two parties signed a contract for the construction of the 500 meter long assembly- and the 120 meter long coatinghall from Sif.