Offshore wind farms are responsible for a growing share of the green energy supply. This means that the energy generated by the offshore wind farms in the North Sea and other locations makes a significant contribution to the energy economy. This is a positive development that Sif is proud to be a part of.

Sif provides equipment for these wind farms, including monopiles, piles, and other tubulars, that literally form the foundation for the offshore wind farms in our seas.
And Sif is growing to match these growing needs. Sif is manufacturing ever larger monopiles, because the turbines are getting bigger; but Sif can also easily deal with increasing demands for greater quantity thanks to the planned expansion at Maasvlakte 2 in Rotterdam.

Deep water offshore wind farms

By installing larger turbines in deeper waters farther out to sea, the offshore wind farms can generate more and more energy per windmill, resulting in decreasing costs per kWh generated. This means that larger wind farms at sea are one of the most important sources of green energy for the future.
Because the wind farms are being built farther and farther out to sea, it is important to Sif and to Sif's clients that the quality of the foundations is 100% guaranteed. Sif provides that quality, and it does it within tight deadlines.

Sif's possibilities for the offshore wind sector

Sif helps make deep offshore wind farms possible by providing components for the offshore foundations, such as monopiles (including XL monopiles), piles, and other tubulars.
With its vast experience dating back more than 40 years in both the offshore wind market and the oil and gas market, Sif can draw on an unparalleled wealth of knowledge and experience in completing offshore projects. This means that our clients can be completely assured of our product quality and supply security.
Sif's products include:

  • monopiles and XL monopiles (up to 11 metres in diameter)
  • pin piles for wind jackets
  • jacket legs
  • pile sleeves
  • piles
  • anchor piles
  • jack-up legs

Further information

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