The Borssele wind farm zone is made up of two areas, with each area contributing approximately 350 MW. In the Dutch National Water Plan, these two areas have been included in the Borssele wind farm zone. These wind farms are located off the coast of the Dutch province of Zeeland, outside the twelve mile zone.

Sif is optimistic about the development of these wind farms as its new production location at the Maasvlakte 2 near Rotterdam (which will be fully functional in 2017) provides the perfect home base for the production of monopiles and tubulars as well as the storage of other offshore components for the Borssele wind farm zone.

Development of monopiles, piles, and other tubulars

With a long and established history in the development of monopiles and other tubulars for the offshore wind energy sector, Sif is well-equipped to meet the extensive demand for and of wind energy projects. Quality and reliability are our priority!

The Sif production facilities can produce monopiles up to 11 metres in diameter. Furthermore, up to four XL monopiles can be produced per week.

Contact information

If you would like to find out more about what Sif can do for Borssele wind farm zone or other offshore wind or oil and gas projects, then call or e-mail us. We’d be happy to help.