High quality product

Highest reproducible quality delivered on time is our objective for you. That is why we educate our management, staff members and workers continually, to ensure that they know and understand our quality system and are committed to apply it in their work.
We evaluate and assess our processes critically in a continuous effort to generate improvements that reflect our customers’ demands and expectations.


Our employees are our strength. Working environment issues are a high priority in our QHSE policy. We continuously monitor how we can ensure a safe working environment. We monitor and evaluate on a regular basis, in order to implement improvements where necessary.


Sif Safe - always. Our ongoing safety performance improvement program is an integral aspect of our total performance and includes: Person Factors: skills, abilities, personality Environment Factors: equipment, tools, machines, operating procedures Behavior Factors: complying, coaching, communicating, demonstrating active caring


Environment is our concern. Improving our performance on issues relevant to our stakeholders that are of global concern and on which we can have an impact is part of our overall QHSE approach. Not only do our products contribute to a sustainable future, our processes are geared to energy saving, waste reduction and recycling of residual materials. This way, we strive to be the best partner for our clients and a good employer for our employees.

Oil & Gas

Are you looking for a partner in offshore foundations for the Oil & Gas market?

See our references in the offshore oil & gas industry

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Are you looking for a partner who tackles challenges head on?
Sif Group is leading in offshore foundations for Wind projects.

See our references in the offshore wind industry

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