By timely investment in new welding technology, bending capabilities, production facilities and talent of employees, Sif Group bv has been able to gain a strong foothold in the market place. Operating in this dynamic market requires continuous improvement, development and flexibility at all times.

Unrivalled rolling capacity

The Sif production line starts with beveling by flame cutting or machining and subsequent cold rolling the plates into a can. Sif’s rolling capacity ranges from plate thickness of 20 mm up to 160 mm. And diameters go up to 11 meters.

Efficient factory layout for high productivity welding

Tubular structures in general and monopiles in particular are constructions with heavy longitudinal and circumferential welds. Our efficient factory layout, where fabrication is performed in a logical sequence, minimizes internal transportation of components. This way, Sif achieves the full production potential offered by the submerged arc welding process that is in place.

Weld overlay / cladding

Weld overlay is employed more and more to enhance the service life of industrial components, to prevent in- and external wear and corrosion. Furthermore, weld overlay can be used to extend the life of worn or damaged components. Sif is specialized in applying stainless steel weld overlay deposits (the 300 stainless steel series) on carbon, carbon-manganese, low alloy and high strength low alloy steels. Submerged Arc and Electro-slag strip cladding are the processes applied for weld overlay of thick-walled shell courses or tubular cans with a minimum and maximum inside diameter of 300 mm and 7000 mm respectively.

Oil & Gas

Are you looking for a partner in offshore foundations for the Oil & Gas market?

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Are you looking for a partner who tackles challenges head on?
Sif Group is leading in offshore foundations for Wind projects.

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