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Project Client Products
Borssele 1+2 Orsted MP's >
Seamade GeoSea MP's, TP's >
Albatros Geosea MP's, TP's >
Hohe See Geosea MP's, TP's >
Deutsche Bucht Van Oord MP's >
Borssele 3+4 Van Oord MP's >
Triton Knoll 3sF MP's, TP's >
Albatros GeoSea Luxemburg MP's, TP's >
Borkum West II (Trianel) Seaway Heavy Lifting MP's, TP's >
Norther Smulders TP's >
Hohe See GeoSea Luxemburg MP's, TP's >
Leviathan Heerema Marine Contractors >
Norther Van Oord MP's, TP's >
Hohe See Geosea(DEME) MP's, TP's >
Fistuca Blue Piling Huisman >
Norther Offshore Wind Farm Van Oord MP's, TP's >
Delft Offshore Turbine DOB MP's >
Rentel OHVS STX France MP's >
Rentel Offshore Wind Geosea/Dredging International MP's, TP's >
Aberdeen Bay, European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre Smulders Projects TP's >
Blyth Offshore Wind Demonstrator Smulders Projects >
Beatrice Offshore Windfarm Seaway Heavy Lifting Piles >
Rampion Offshore Wind Farm Eon UK MP's, TP's >
Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm Statoil-Statkraft MP's, TP's >
Kentish Flats Extension Geosea MP's >
Westermeerwind Ballast Nedam MP's >
Galloper Wind Farm Geosea MP's, TP's >
Gemini Van Oord MP's, TP's >
Humber Gateway E.ON MP's, TP's >
Luchterduinen Van Oord MP's >
Northwind OWF Northwind MP's >
Amrum Bank EON MP's, TP's >
Dan Tysk ABJV MP's, TP's >
Meerwind Ambau MP's >
Anholt Bladt Industries MP's >
Teesside Off shore Windfarm Van Oord MP's, TP's >
Lincs MTHojgaard MP's, TP's >
Sheringham Shoal MTHojgaard MP's, TP's >
Thanet Vattenvall MP's, TP's >
Rhyl Flats MTHojgaard a/s MP's, TP's >
Gunfleet Sands I MTHojgaard a/s MP's, TP's >
Alpha Ventus AKER - OWT Piles >
BARD Hooksiel CSC GmbH TP's, Piles >
Gunfleet Sands II MTHojgaard a/s MP's, TP's >
Côte d’Albâtre AKER - OWT Piles >
BARD Offshore 1 CSC GmbH TP's, Piles >
Q7 Project Smulders Projects MP's, TP's >
Lynn & Inner Dowsing MTHojgaard a/s MP's, TP's >
BARD I Test park BARD Engineering >
Robin Rigg MTHojgaard a/s MP's, TP's >
Burbo Project MTHojgaard a/s TP's >
Beatrice Project BurntIsland Ltd Piles >
Q7 Project Smulders Projects MP's, TP's >
Barrow Vestas KBR MP's, TP's >
Docking Shoal Project SLP Engineering MP's >
Race Bank Project SLP Engineering MP's >
Kentish Flat Project MTHojgaard a/s MP's, TP's >
North Hoyle Project Vestas/Smulders MP's, TP's >
Arklow Windfarm GE Wind Energy MP's, TP's >
Horns Rev, Esbjerg MTHojgaard a/s MP's, TP's >