Sif actualités

Our dedicated specialists optimize each project on design, feasibility, coating and logistics. We want to ensure our production and the installation processes are efficient and cost optimal by working closely with our clients.

After being in the Sif yard for over 10 months, the last of the piles for the Tyra oil platform - built by Dragados Offshore - was loaded last Thursday.

The corona virus (officially COVID-19) is spreading. No reason to panic, but it is important to take a number of measures to prevent the virus from spreading as much as possible. The National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) monitors the spread of the virus and indicates which measures (should) be taken. Based on those measures and the current situation, Sif has daily crisis team consultations. This resulted in the following guidelines. Because we operate on a daily basis, the guidelines below can be adjusted daily:

Residents of the Netherlands are discouraged from visiting private occasions where groups of people are present. We follow this policy for all Sif employees. We take the following measures regarding work situations:

  • Only visits (at Sif or elsewhere) that are necessary for safety reasons or to keep production going (for example maintenance and repair) are allowed. Other visits or activities are suspended until further notice.
  • If business group meetings are planned, such as company visits, guided tours or presentations, they must be postponed until further notice or be offered in another way (online).
  • Physical meetings with more than 6 people are not allowed.


In general and for everyone: Try to communicate as much as possible via telephone, e-mail and Skype.

First large-scale offshore wind project in United States of America

Sif Holding n.v. will manufacture 84 monopiles (103 KTon steel) for the 800 MW Vineyard project in Massachusetts USA. Sif’s scope comprises manufacturing of the monopiles, storage at our MV2 facility and delivery by RoRo load-out via our deep sea quay side on transportation vessels in 2020-2021.