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Expansion plans for 4 XXXL monopiles per week

mei 20, 2022

Offshore wind energy is growing very fast due to the increasing European and global demand for sustainable energy. This requires larger and more powerful offshore wind turbines. Research shows that monopiles are the preferred foundation for offshore wind farms and that they’re expected to form the basis of 80% of future offshore wind projects up until 2030.

Bigger wind turbines need bigger foundations: The majority of these projects will be realized using monopiles with a bottom diameter of up to 11.5 meters. Project 11 aims to maintain our high output of an average of 4 monopiles per week with a bottom diameter of up to 11.5 meters. To realize this we intend to expand our Maasvlakte 2 facility. This design also takes into account further market developments with the possibility of producing even larger monopiles of up to 15 meters.

Our Roermond and Maasvlakte facilities will support each other, leveraging their individual capabilities. With Project 11 we strive for an improved process flow and want to increase our production reliability, product quality and safety during our manufacturing process.

The intended expansion will increase our annual production capacity of 500 kilotons and will be realized through an improved process flow and combined production capacity of both facilities. That, together with Maasvlakte’s unique location, direct deep water access to the sea, as well as loading and storage options, will ensure more efficient projects for our customers.

We expect a final decision in July.

More information will follow.

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