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Great partnership with Huisman Equipment

feb. 23, 2018

Blue Hammer

BLUE Piling Technology by Fistuca is an innovative technology that uses a combusted gas mixture to propel a column of water upwards. The column of water pushes the monopile down as it shoots up and drives the monopile further into the sea floor as it falls back down. The pile-driving technology produces much lower noise levels than conventional pile-driving and also minimizes fatigue to the foundation. The project will result in a direct reduction to the costs of installing wind turbines.

Ready for the long-term future

Sif has joined forces with Huisman Equipment to produce this Blue Hammer. The ‘Blue25’, as it has come to be known, will be the world's largest pile-driver hammer, being specially designed to drive the largest monopiles in the world. Sif can produce monopiles with a diameter of 11 metres and a maximum weight of 2,000 tonnes that are required for the wind turbines of the future.

Great partnership with Huisman Equipment

On Friday 12 January, a delegation from Sif visited Huisman Equipment in Schiedam, the Netherlands. Following a very warm welcome, Huisman Equipment organized a company presentation and took us on a tour of their site and production halls, where we could look at the BLUE Piling Hammer. We also had a close-up look at some heavy constructions and installations, including the enormous Aegir by Heerema Marine Contractors, which can be used as a crane vessel and pipe-laying ship, and Huisman's new crane for the installation vessel Aeolus by Van Oord.

IMG 3920

Excellent assessment

Huisman Equipment gave Sif a great rating as the supplier of the complicated BLUE Hammer, with an ‘outstanding performance level’ in terms of quality, health and safety, and the overall working relationship.

This is testament to our good work and the successful partnership we have with Huisman Equipment.