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Offshore Wind Foundations Alliance puts Sif and other foundation companies on the European map

jul. 29, 2021

The Offshore Wind Foundation Alliance (OWFA) is a coalition founded in March 2021 by Sif and four other European offshore foundation companies: Bladt, EEW, Smulders and Steelwind.

We want to use our joint expertise in the field of engineering and production of offshore wind foundations to draw attention to the key role that offshore wind foundations play in the sustainable development of offshore wind farms in Europe.

Together with the other OWFA members, we jointly advocate for a level playing field in the offshore wind foundations market for the sustainable production of offshore wind foundations. Additionally, the Alliance wants to ensure that foundation suppliers take the lead in setting standards and certification processes related to the foundation of offshore wind turbines. A final goal is to maintain sufficient maritime space for offshore wind projects in EU member states.

You want to know more about our Alliance? Feel free to visit the website.