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Capacity & Competences

Sif currently has two manufacturing facilities in the Netherlands equipped with 47 Sif-designed welding machines and 8 plate rollers. The Roermond plant, which covers more than 100,000 square metres, specializes in the manufacture of cans and cones, transition pieces, pin piles, jacket legs and pile sleeves with a wall thickness of up to 160 mm.

The cans and cones from Roermond are transported down the river Maas to the Maasvlakte 2 (Rotterdam) facility, where they are assembled into monopiles. The Maasvlakte 2 plant has a state-of-the-art layout over 62 hectares for storage and transshipment with expansion options, with perfect access to the open North Sea.

What we are proud of:

  • More than 2,000 monopiles produced.
  • Highly automated production processes.
  • Early involvement with our customers.
  • Powerful partnerships.
  • Unique know-how and expertise in rolling and welding.
  • Financially sound.
  • Proven track record of high quality, delivery on time within budget.
  • Robust quality, health, safety and environmental procedures.
  • Relentless focus on sustainability and our employees’ well-being.

Key data Sif production site

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Production capacity


monopiles per week

Max load out capacity



Annual capacity



Storage and Transshipment area



Deep sea quay

600 15.6

meters length
meter draught

Ro-Ro quay

Our customer approach

We are an involved partner

We will always constructively review all customer request with our internal specialists. We will ask questions, listen carefully and will propose the best solution, in our opinion, taking the customer's viewpoint on all aspects, resulting in a workable and safe solution against a realistic price level.

We offer total solutions

We offer a total package to the offshore wind market so the supply chain becomes more efficient encompassing engineering, procurement, manufacturing, corrosion protection and logistics for all parts of a wind farm. We are also interested in decommissioning and recycling of products.

We are always one step ahead

We monitor market developments to identify and respond to changing needs and product innovation.

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Logistic Services

Our excellent facilities include the deep-water quay of 628 metres length and easy accessibility.

Because installation ships require our services in any case in order to load monopiles, it pays for various companies to also use our site for other logistics and final assembly services, and ultimately as a marshalling port for their projects. All required equipment, facilities and labour to execute clients’ requirements can be mobilized on site.


Windpark Maasvlakte 2


Hollandse Kust Noord


Dogger Bank C


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