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Because Sif is a listed company and has contractual agreements with clients, we must be careful with information that we share with third parties.

Therefore, we apply strict guidelines for taking photos and videos at our locations in Roermond and Maasvlakte. Requests for making image recordings must be requested in time. Without permission it is prohibited to make video recordings on our site and/or products. More information about this can be found in our media kit. Only our clients are allowed to make image recordings of their own product for product reports. After permission to take photos, the photos should always be presented to the Sif representative before using.

All other image recordings must be coordinated with our Communications department in advance, according to the following conditions.

The Communications department has to:

  • Inform people working at the site (employees, suppliers and others at the site) in the areas to be photographed, filmed or otherwise recorded;
  • Organize a guide: you will always need to be accompanied by a Sif employee.

Without prior written approval from Communications, you are not allowed to photograph or record:

  • Any product that shows a company’s or project’s name or can be directly linked;
  • Any other product (monopiles, transition pieces, etc.), half-finished product or supplies for our clients;
  • Any document;
  • Any machine, equipment, tool, vessel, installation or work method;
  • Any area not permitted by your Sif guide;
  • Any person outside the designated areas.
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Sanne Geurts
Sanne Geurts
Communications Manager

+31 (0) 475 385 777