Shareholder Information

Sif is a leading manufacturer of large steel tubulars, which are used as foundation components for the offshore energy markets. The Company manufactures customised tubular components for offshore foundations, predominantly in the greater North Sea region. Sif combines a highly automated and flexible production facility with technology leadership in rolling and welding of heavy steel plates, which is based on over 70 years of experience and innovative in-house developed techniques and processes. Sif primarily produces monopiles, transition pieces and piles that are used to anchor jacket foundations in the seabed, mainly for offshore wind turbines.

Sif shares commenced trading at Euronext Amsterdam on 12 May 2016. In this section you will find investor related documents and information.

At Sif, we think it is important to provide our investors with the most detailed information as possible on our performance and financial results. Our Investor Relations policies are in line with the industry’s best practices and corporate governance standards. We also strive for openness and transparency in all our communications and engagements with financial stakeholders. Relevant information such as financial results and documents for shareholder meetings can be found in the sections below. Please do not hesitate to contact our Investor Relations department if you have any questions or comments.

Share Capital

Sif Group is incorporated in the Netherlands and publicly listed on Euronext in Amsterdam since 12 May 2016, where its shares are traded under the symbol SIFG. The ISIN code is NL0011660485.The shares of Sif Group have a nominal value of € 0.20 each.The share capital of Sif Group consists of 25,501,356 ordinary shares.

More information about Sif shares can be found on Euronext's website.


Shareholder meetings

The Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (“AGM”) is held once a year. An Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders (“EGM”) shall be held as often as the Management Board or the Supervisory Board deems desirable. Notice of general meetings shall be given no later than 42 days before the day of the meeting through the publication of a notice on our website.

All documents referring to past AGM's can be found in the Investor Assets Library.

Dividend policy

The Company expects to pay an ordinary dividend in line with Sif’s medium to long term financial performance and targets to increase dividends-per-Share over time. Sif envisages that, as a result of this policy, the ordinary dividend pay-out ratio will range between 25-40% of the Group’s profit in any given year.

Bilateral contact policy

Sif Group may engage from time to time in bilateral contacts with shareholders or potential shareholders. The purpose of these contacts is to explain the strategy and performance of Sif Group and ensure that in this way correct and adequate information is disseminated about the company. To these contacts, the Policy on Fair Disclosure and Bilateral Contacts applies

Sell side analist coverage

To create interest in the industry and in Sif as a company and an investment, Sif appreciates the coverage from sell side analists. At this moment, Sif is covered by the following sell side analists:

InstitutionName analistEmailadress analist

Johannes von der Ohe

Thijs Berkelder

Clarksons Platou

Nicolai Ødegaard

Turner Holm


Jørgen Søvik Opheim

Bard Rosef

The IdeaMaarten