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People at Sif

Our people – dedicated, competent and solution-oriented – are our most valuable asset. The older and younger generations at our company share a drive to consistently deliver the best results and remain ahead of the pack. It is this quality, the ‘Sif spirit’, that is our competitive edge in the industry.

We are resourceful enough to do things differently, in the interest of our clients and the market. We firmly believe that an open culture where we support each other, learn from each other and are driven to keep improving is the key to a safe and healthy workplace. We focus on effective collaboration, practical solutions and quality.

Sif offers internal training in the field of rolling, welding and other specific work within our own production lines and there is continuous attention for internal improvements.

We have developed an in-house programme called The Improvement Project (TIP), in which more complex and/or comprehensive ideas for improvement suggested by employees are implemented on a project basis by in-house improvement teams, based on a method developed by Sif. TIP seeks to promote good ideas, connect employees and successfully implement improvements in the workplace.

Sif is known for delivering quality on time. Our entire team can take credit for this, and we invest in their development because they help us make a difference. We have a flexible attitude and know our business. We also give our people the freedom to grow and to show what they can do.

Our core values


This means commitment
and responsibility. It begins with clarity about who does what and an open-minded attitude. We address each other in a solution-focused way about each person's part in the bigger picture.

Focus on results

That’s our way forward. Together we will brainstorm about the best approach to become even better today than yesterday. Sustainably and measurably.


Both internally and externally, Sif's team spirit is strong. We form an essential part of the larger chain that produces wind energy. Our desire to help each other based on a common, higher goal makes us rock solid.

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John Goessens, Head of Engineering
New solutions in a professional chain. Our profession is very much in development. Both the demand for wind turbines and their scope are increasing with every year that passes, and that has an impact that sends ripples through the chain. It all starts with strong foundations that require as little maintenance as possible and weigh as little as possible.

Michel Kurstjens s RGB 01 2021 03 01 154547 1

Michel Kurstjens, Product Strategy Director
Sif uses new technologies and smart solutions to take the market to the next level and reduce the costs of wind energy. There’s also a need for this: to remain competitive with other energy sources (without the need for subsidies), the costs of the entire chain must be reduced and revenues increased. The Skybox is one of the cost-saving innovations.

Bart Theunissen s RGB 02

Bart Theunissen, Manager Production Technology & Innovation
At Sif, we are looking for things to improve every day, whether in our products, processes, or partnerships. Our ambition – to become better, smarter, and more sustainable each day – has been ingrained in all members of staff for a long time. One new development is that I have been coordinating the larger innovations as the manager of innovation & maintenance since the spring of 2018. My job is to connect, encourage, focus, and contribute, because if everyone only works on their own little innovations, then the connections between them and the larger overall success will remain elusive.’

Ralph IMG 4485

Ralph Lacroix, Project Manager
On 25 April 2020, Van Oord successfully installed the Slip Joint foundation at the Borssele 5 wind farm using a monopile and transition piece from Sif. It is the first time that an underwater Slip Joint foundation has been installed on an offshore wind turbine on a fully commercial basis anywhere in the world. Sif also supplied a foundation treated with TSA (Thermal Sprayed Aluminium) in a fully automated process – TSA is an alternative coating that protects the pile from corrosion.

Roel RGB 7984

Roel Corstjens, QA/QC-Manager
There's no better feeling than producing a good finished product and seeing a happy client. That's why we do what we do! The Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/QC) team keeps a close eye on everything, from the first drawing to the tender, final inspection, and delivery, to guarantee this exceptional quality. Roel Corstjens is QA/QC Manager.

Siewerd Hartenhof s RGB 02

Siewerd Hartenhof, Quality Control Engineer
Although steel is strong, it’s also sensitive to rust. We now have six coating halls in Rotterdam, where monopiles are coated in order to extend their lifespan in salt water. This is also where we make the markings for installation. Siewerd Hartenhof has been our Quality Control Engineer for corrosion protection for a year now.

HKN Stefan Ralph RGB 03

Stefan Sturm & Ralph Lacroix

This year Sif started the production of 70 TP-less monopiles for Hollandse Kust Noord, a Van Oord project. The monopiles are scheduled to be ready at the beginning of 2023. Stefan Sturm (Manager Operations Office) and Ralph Lacroix (Project Manager) explain how they translate the customer's wishes into an efficient production process.

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