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The main supply is focused on pin piles and jacket tubulars to our clients, those being as diverse as developers, EPCI contractors, (jacket) fabricators and others. Our jacket tubulars can be assembled into jackets, which are then connected to the sea floor with pin piles.

OSS tubulars have a dedicated production line within Sif. For this production line the sweet spot starts at ‘tubulars which you can walk through’ which is around ø1.8 m and for this line ends at ø3.5 m. Combined with the other production lines, the full spectrum of diameters up to our maximum can be provided.

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Mark Ruijten
Mark Ruijten
Commercial Manager Marshalling and Logistics & Offshore Steel Structures

Call +31 (0) 6 51173562

Sif services:

  • Flawless delivery based on long-lasting experience in high-demanding markets.
    • Offshore industry with its long-lasting projects (lifetime up to 60 years), and high demands in challenging environments (like the rough North Sea).
    • Wind turbines and their dynamic loads.
    • Oil and gas platforms and the related human and environmental safety.
    • Pressure vessels and the related explosion and leakage safety.
  • Fabrication of the primary steel components.
  • Execution, subcontracting, partnering and procurement of secondary steel and outfitting requirements.
  • Marshalling and long-term storage at the Sif Maasvlakte 2 Marine Terminal.
  • Load-out at the Sif Maasvlakte 2 Marine Terminal.

Sif capabilities tubulars:

from ø1.8 m to our maximum 3.5 m (larger if on other production lines)
500 tonnes on the dedicated line, more on others
up to 100 metre under-roof, anything above with field welds
Wall thickness:
from 25 mm to over 150 mm
Production rate:
6–8 per week
mainly carbon steel, with yield strength easily surpassing S355, up to S690

Detailed capabilities:

  • Specialized semi-automated welding stations for internal ring stiffeners (IRS) and diaphragms.
  • Best possible roundness around ring stiffeners, by optimized buttering and machining process for internals and simplifying welding of stubs and braces on to legs.
  • Specialized multihead multilayer weld-bead (shear key) machines with unique size of one-layer weld beads.
  • In-house stress-relieving heat treatment / post weld heat treatment (PWHT): floating oven 25 × 7 × 7 m, 600 °C max.
  • Up to ø5.4 m in-house machining by lathe.

Sif stands out from the competition in two ways. Few companies are able to produce such high-quality piles. On the other hand, one of Sif's strongest features is its reliability. There is no room for error.

Peter Ruimers, Sr Buyer HSM Offshore BV

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