AGM 2022 resolutions

Roermond 12 May 2022. On 12 May 2022 Sif Holding n.v. held its Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (AGM). The following resolutions were voted and approved by the AGM. Voting-results are attached to this message.

Approval of the 2021 Remuneration report (advisory vote)

Approval of the 2021 Financial statements

Approval of the Appropriation of profit and dividend pay-out

Discharge of the members of Executive and Supervisory Boards for management and supervision in 2021

Reappointment of Peter Visser and Peter Wit as members of the Supervisory Board

Executive Board authorizations for an 18 months period to acquire shares in the capital of Sif Holding n.v, to issue shares or grant the right to subscribe for shares in the Company and to restrict or exclude pre-emptive rights on the issue of shares or the granting of rights to subscribe for shares in the capital of the Company.

View attached pdf for voting results