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Sif signs MOU with Ballast Nedam to take on the decommissioning of offshore wind farms

Jan 10, 2024

Sif and Ballast Nedam have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), marking the next step in the process of developing a joint venture under the name of BNS Decom that specializes in the decommissioning of obsolete and aged offshore wind farms.

BNS Decom intends to revolutionize the decommissioning process for offshore wind farms, serving as the ultimate, turnkey solution provider for asset owners. In the proposed collaboration, Ballast Nedam takes care of all offshore operations, while Sif aims to take charge of receiving and processing decommissioned components for further re-use and recycling. The business plan will be based on certain constraints ensuring that all offshore and onshore work can be carried out safely, efficiently, and in an economically viable manner. The ultimate goal is to deliver the best value to the asset owner.

Although it will still take a few years before a substantial number of windfarms is due for de-commissioning, Ballast Nedam and Sif truly believe that they need to prepare for this expected market. Furthermore the repurposing of steel from decommissioned wind farms, is an important step towards a sustainable and circular future by converting old monopiles into green steel plates for new monopiles in Offshore Wind. For this reason, both companies decided to start preparations today and team up under the BNS Decom brand in order to be up for the task in the mid-term future.