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The Skybox: our all in one solution for a TP-less monopile

Jul 5, 2021

In order to keep offshore wind energy financially competitive, we must innovate continuously. At Sif Netherlands we are developing the Skybox to make the installation process of monopiles even more efficient.

As the Skybox can be installed in one lift and no brackets need to be welded onto the monopile, it will keep costs and maintenance low and increase driveability and overall efficiency.

We already have completed our proof of concept and will now test and demonstrate the feasibility of manufacturing the Skybox using slip-joint technology. The Skybox Lite is our first offshore demonstrator focused at validating the slip-joint.

In the next phase, starting in 2022-2023, we will upscale dimensions, integrate full functionality and will present the second demonstrator – the Skybox Full – the last step towards obtaining an A-level DNV-GL certificate and serial production readiness for commercial deployment in 2024.