Sif and Port of Rotterdam

DEME Offshore launching customer for offshore- wind marshalling services

Roermond/Rotterdam, 27 August 2019. Sif Holding n.v. and Port of Rotterdam have agreed on the lease of an additional 20 hectares industrial land, adjacent to Sif’s existing operations at Maasvlakte 2 near Rotterdam. This expansion facilitates Sif’s new business opportunity in response to demand from new and existing clients for marshalling space and onshore support services for offshore wind. This demand is underpinned by the agreement between Sif and DEME Offshore for a major contract on marshalling services starting October 2019.

Sif Holding n.v. will manufacture 114 monopiles (113 KTon steel) for Vattenfall/Nuon for 3 out of 4 zones for the 1.4 GW project Hollandse Kust Zuid in The Netherlands.

Sif wants to use new technologies and smart solutions to take the market to the next level and reduce the costs of wind energy.

Clarity on impact on Sif earliest in 4-6 weeks from now

Roermond, 21 August 2019. Early July 2019 Sif and Vineyard Wind announced the manufacturing by Sif of 84 monopiles for Vineyard Wind’s offshore wind project in Massachusetts USA.

The installation of the monopiles is subject to a schedule that includes seasonal restrictions on pile driving activity as a protective measure for the highly endangered North Atlantic Right Whales. Sif’s ability and confidence to meet this schedule was an important consideration in being selected by Vineyard Wind. Sif scheduled the production of these monopiles for the first half of 2020.

First large-scale offshore wind project in United States of America

Sif Holding n.v. will manufacture 84 monopiles (103 KTon steel) for the 800 MW Vineyard project in Massachusetts USA. Sif’s scope comprises manufacturing of the monopiles, storage at our MV2 facility and delivery by RoRo load-out via our deep sea quay side on transportation vessels in 2020-2021.

For the SeaMade project, Sif was requested by our customer DEME to arrange all preparations for a so called bolting test. During this test, the bolted flange connection between a monopile (MP) and a transition piece (TP) is checked by fitting and torqueing all 128 bolts.